News Release: Give Someone Special Their Face for Christmas

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Just in time for Christmas, ThatsMyFace has issued a PRNewsWire new release, copied below:

BEAVERTON, Ore., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative technology company launches a brand new product line just in time for last-minute Christmas shoppers looking for that one-of-a-kind present. By giving loved ones and friends a gift voucher from, customers can give the recipient the opportunity to immortalize themselves by ordering a photorealistic sculpture of their face.


There was a time when only the rich and famous could afford to have statues carved in stone. Now, with advanced facial analysis and the advent of state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies, makes this art form available to anyone, ordered online and delivered direct to the door.

" brings traditional 2D photography and portrait sculptures into the full-color world of the 21st century. We called it 'That's My Face' because that was literally the first thing I said when I saw my first facial reproduction. It's like being face-to-face with yourself," says the founder of

All that is needed is to upload two headshots: one from the front and one from the side. does the rest and reconstructs a realistic 3D facial model. Customers may even tweak its appearance, such as changing age, ethnicity, or even, gender. The resulting face can then be applied to a variety of gifts, from a $29 keychain to a $2000 head sculpture.

"I just unboxed it. You guys are amazing!" said customer Dean B. after receiving a face mask of his baby daughter.

About are specialists in transforming 2D portraiture into 3D sculptures. They offer free online facial reconstruction and analysis, with the opportunity to subsequently purchase personalized lifelike sculptures of a person's face.