Create a wonderful gift for someone special    ... featuring their face ...   or the face of someone they love,
or treat yourself    ... with your own image...   or the likeness of someone you love!

Custom Action Figures and Dolls

Always wanted an action hero figure or Barbie doll of yourself or someone else? Look no further. Get your lifelike head mounted on our large selection of action figure bodies and outfits such as military camos with weaponry, stylish business suits, sexy Barbie-like dresses and cool surfer-dude. You can also just buy the head for your existing figure or doll and mount it yourself.



3D Portraits and Masks

Forget boring old 2D digital photos of your close-ones. Instead, get your (or someone else's) lifelike 3D Portrait created out of a hard resin in full 24-bit color, and never forget a face with our 3D Portraits. Wearable masks versions available. Choose from our variety of designs and sizes.



Ornamental Heads

Get your (or someone else's) lifelike Head created out of a hard resin in full 24-bit color and store things in it! Choose from our variety of designs and sizes.



Build a 3D origami of your face! Purchase and download a PDF papercraft layout of your face in 3D. Once printed on your home printer, cut, folded then glued together you get your full-color 3D facemask! Make as many as you want and send them to your friends.


Gift Vouchers

Not sure what to give for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, christenings, Valentines, anniversary, corporate gifts, mother's or father's day? Want something memorable? We never forget a face, especially not an immortalized ThatsMyFace one!
Get your loved-ones, friends or colleagues a ThatsMyFace Gift Voucher and let them receive their custom-made gift.

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Tell me more

All we need is a photo of the front of someone's face. If you have or can take side photo(s), all the better.

Our incredible technology can then turn those photos into a full 3D image. From that we can make a range of superb heart-warming personal face gifts.

Who for?

We wrote out some ideas to help stimulate your thoughts! A gift for your...

grandma grandpa
         mummy daddy   uncle auntie
cousin brother sister       yourself .. partner       friend colleague


Great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and other special occasions.
Beautiful right now to decorate the home or as a surprise gift for someone special.